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A high-performance, all-purpose fluoropolymer industrial lubricant and surface conditioner formulated for demanding mechanical applications. Tetra Lube Oil is designed to provide reliable protection from wear due to temperature, pressure, moisture and contamination. Tetra Lube Oil offers a broad operating temperature range and is compatible with most conventional lubricating oils. As with all other Tetra lubricants, Lube Oil mechanically bonds to and imbeds in metal surfaces to reduce wear by as much as 50% and prevent damage in the event of temporary loss of lubrication. Additionally, use of this product reduces noise, vibration and operating temperature and helps protect damaged metal surfaces. Put Tetra Lube Oil to the test and see why it is the superior general-purpose lubricant.

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Tetra 2000
l Tetra Grease  l Tetra Lube Fortifiers

All-purpose fluoropolymer industrial lubricant and surface conditioner 

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